Torre Europa Building

Madrid (Spain) - 2018

The iconic Torre Europa building in Madrid has been refurbished recently. The new entrance hall is a 10x10x12 m cubic volume and it is composed of two independent structures: A steel and glass canopy that acts as a roof for the hall and extends far beyond it, and two self-supporting structural glass façades connected together.

The structural glass façades are composed of a number of 3x10m laminated glass panels standing on the ground floor slab of the building and stabilized by vertical glass fins. The connection between the façade panels and the fins is resolve with embedded metal connector in the glass fins and the cladding glass panels.

The top end of the fins is connected to an horizontal glass beam that extends along the two façades forming an L-shape with both ends fixed to the primary structure of the building.  

  • ClientGrupo Infinorsa
  • Architect Callison RTKL
  • Engineer CHC Ingenieros y Enar Envolventes arquitectónicas
  • Project Manager Bovis Lend Lease
  • Category All glass


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