Chateau Pedesclaux

Pauillac (France) - 2015

The Château Pédesclaux is a winery that is part of the AOC Pauillac, classified as one of eighteen Cinquièmes Crus (Fifth Growths) in the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855. Very prestigious wineries are located in the neighbourhood, such as Mouton Rostchild, Lafite-Rostchild or Lynch Bages. The renovation consists of two parts, the rehabilitation of the castle and the construction of a new winery in excess of 6000m2. The Château renovation comprises an enlargement of the building, adding new spaces and new facilities to the existing. Each wing of the Castle will receive a glass extension including five facades supported off metal frames.

The selected glass is a DGU comprising two layers extra clear glass. We carried out extensive research of appropriate colours in order to exploit the transparency of the bi-laminated glasses. The completed glass structure allows the visitor to sense the walls of a magnificent building inside a spectacular glass building. In front of the castle, the old buildings of The Château Pedesclaux property were demolished, and a new astonishing three floors winery was built. The envelope of the winery consists of transparent as well as opaque parts. The upper facade of the building comprises a double skin and is completed by a third architectural skin. This decorative wall is 6 m high and is made of very thin vertical strips distributed into three sections of 2 meters each. The sections are crosschecked and staggered. More than 5.400 aluminum strips were assembled one by one to complete a very particular facade. These strips were painted with a 3-layer coating, in order to achieve the appearance of dark oak wood.

This decorative trims look like stretched superimposed combs. The First and Ground Floor facade, comprise a fully openable 3.4m high steel framed curtain wall to provide the cellar with natural light. The selected glass is a DGU comprising four layers extra clear glass with a 16mm Argon filled cavity in order to meet the required thermal insulation values. 92 glass panels each weighing approximately 1t each were installed. As a result of using extra clear glass, the visitor is from inside the cellar given the impression to be in the middle of the vineyard. There are three entrances to the winery.

The main entrance of the winery is a tunnel with an astonishing metal/oak wood door, with very delicate and soft metal sheets leading to the inside. Two further substantial doors were designed to provide entrance to the 5 meters high wine tanks. They are integrated with the facade, with very thin metal casings and extra clear glass panels. Bellapart were involved in the interior design works of the project, the 18mx5m façade for the tanks elevator, and with other more delicate works such as the dining room glass cabinet and all the interior doors of the Château.

  • Architect Wilmotte & Associes
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures


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