Palacio del Gobernador

Estella, Navarra (Spain) - 2008

Skylight situated in the upper section of a luminous patio, showing a spatial geometry in the form of a vault with double curvature monolayer geometry resolved by way of a triangular mesh with approximate dimensions of 875m x 1355m x 875m. The roof was designed with the Bellapart Bubble system, composed of bars and nodes with 3, 4 and 6 faces, all in stainless steel with a screws forming unions between them.

The structure supports the enclosure of an insulated glass panel in the form of a triangle, offering solar control. In turn, incorporated into the structure are 2 glass window frame vents with an 85-degree angle V-shaped exterior aperture that is fully motorized for ventilation.

  • ClientTown Hall of Estella
  • Architect José Luís Franchez
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures


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