Ripoll Museum

Pere Orri i Agustí Vila Arquitectes
Ripoll (Girona) - 2010


Supply and placement of the straight facade of the Ripoll Ethnologic Museum, composed of diagonal glass plates on a single plane that measure approximately 5810x7766mm near the stairs and have a pleated interior finish.

The facade will be resolved using the system of nodes and bars with peripheral anchorages designed by Bellapart with a finish of: Granallar + epoxy zinc treatment + polyamide treatment seal and RAL 1015 finish. The nodes are composed of two 20mm sheets, sliced with a laser in the form of a star and united using screws with two 15mm discs that have also been sliced with a laser to form the shape of a cross. Regarding the girder of the bars, it is made up of a 120x15mm steel disc and wings formed by two 50x15mm discs, united using DIN912 M8X16 screws.

The exterior glass composed of a low emission IowE measuring 6mm / c.a. 20mm / laminated colourless 4+4mm glass with butyral impression. Polished edges. Measures approximately 1370x1370mm.

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