Working together since 1939

Bellapart began its activity in 1939 and the family ownership of the company is still maintained by its 4th generation.

Bellapart's headquarters are in Catalonia and over the years subsidiaries have been stablished in the UK, USA and France. Today Bellapart is a leading company in the design and building engineering, manufacturing and construction of innovative and complex architectural solutions; with very deep and extensive knowledge of glass, lightweight structures, composites and all kinds of high-tech materials.


The origin

Everything started around 1936-1939. During the Spanish civil war, Mr. Joan Bellapart i Vidal, stablished a small repair shop for the knitwear factories of the city of Olot, located 100km from Barcelona. Considering that repairing and polishing these types of machinery required very qualified staff, he gain a just reputation for having the best operators in the area.


The Company begins

Continuing with maintenance work for knit factories but also expanding the scope of work with various locksmith and furniture jobs. Bellapart moved to a bigger factory.


Creativity and passion led to expansion

Moved by Mr. Roc Arbós i Colom, a very creative artist and mechanic who married Mr. Bellapart’s daughter, Ms. Montserrat Bellapart i Coma, Bellapart began to build windows and doors with mixed profiles of iron and aluminum. Thanks to the prestige achieved on over the last decade, Bellapart awarded works of a certain size such as the fountains of Fonter and Font Vella and various equipment hotels all over the Catalan coast.


Technological evolution and ambitious projects

In the 70’s the desire to improve led Roc Arbós to keep in touch with a leading Swiss firm - Félix Constructions - of light façades and curtain walls, which was another step forward in competing for works he had never dreamed of achieving. In 1973, the aluminum curtain wall system was developed in the Nestlé headquarters in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), with a surface area of more than 3000m2 of curtain wall that meant an emblematic work for the company and the glass structural sector. 40 years later the building continues communicating the client's corporate identity.


New generation

The extraordinary vision and creativity of Roc Arbós and the excellent economic management of Montserrat Bellapart led the company to be a technological leader in aluminum and glass façades in Spain.

In 1982 the third generation officially joined the management of the company. Mr. Francesc Arbós i Bellapart, industrial engineer, began a new path that brought by a shift of the company, the brand and the glass and steel industry.


New lines of activity and own patents

Francesc’s vision promoted the creation of its own advanced in-house engineering, developing and incorporating new technology and a team of professionals that allowed consolidation within the market of unique lightweight structures and glass façades in Europe.

He also patented a series of Glass Fixation Systems such as PUNTpart, MODULpart and PUNTpart Wall that were applied to many projects all over the world.


Recognitions, renowned projects and internationalization

The new millennia brought awards and international recognition. Furthermore, the quality upgrade within the organization during this period prepared Bellapart for the biggest challenge of its history, the 2008 economic crisis. A crucial moment which was seen as an opportunity to expand, increase exports and expand its international presence. Thus, Bellapart opened offices in UK, France and moved to a new and bigger headquarters near Olot.


Unique buildings, unique results

Bellapart won the Outstanding façade Innovation Award in 2015 and 2017. Specializing in solving building problems for unique buildings leads Bellapart to work with top architects and engineers all over the word such as Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Rafael de la Hoz, ARUP, RCR, Cesar Pelli, Heatherwick Studio, Eckersley O’Callaghan… among others.


Fourth generation

In 2018 the fourth generation started takes and active role in the family business. Ms. Sara Arbós i Torrent, PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Agustí Arbós i Torrent, also joined the operations department as a Production Manager and Ms. Paula Arbós i Torrent, joined the company as Marketing and Communication Director.


Bellapart as a referent

Nowadays Bellapart is still a family business with more than 80 years of business activity and a legacy of passion, innovative thinking and excellence in quality. Bellapart has become an organization capable of undertaking the most ambitious projects in architecture today, providing knowledge in engineering and customized constructive solutions through the service, products and technological knowledge acquired during all these years.

At Bellapart we are ready to create new solutions for any new challenge!