Bellapart launches the Chair of Lightweight Structures and Glass at the University of Girona

Friday 10th of July 2020

Innovation is one of Bellapart’s founding pillars and our main goal is to play an active role in the education of society’s future talent.

We advocate research as the main tool to achieve innovative, cutting-edge disruptive solutions. We also believe in a collaborative society – sharing knowledge and growing together. In line with these objectives and along with the University of Girona, we have launched The Lightweight Structures & Glass Chair. Aimed at both students and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and specialize in our core business: the conceptualization, design, prototyping and construction of light and unique glass, steel, aluminium and other high-tech materials structures.

The Chair’s three lines of investigation are: teaching, investigation and distribution.

Bellapart offers students who are undertaking the course the Chair’s resources for research and development. We are a company which has been in close collaboration with the University of Girona for more than 20 years.

Innovation as a pillar of Bellapart

Our company’s philosophy, based on innovation, has been the base of over 80 years of constant re-invention and a collaborative culture. Every single Bellapart employee has an individualised training and career plan, with the aim of transforming them into experts in their field. Every year, for over 20 years, students have joined our team as interns.

What does this innovation and lifelong learning philosophy entail?

a) Training:

  • Sector specialized conferences and workshops
  • Teaching participation in the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Master (MMS)
  • Scholarship to undertake the Master
  • Joint authorization of the Final Degree or Master Thesis
  • Awards for the best Final Master Thesis

b) Investigation:

  • Undertaking Industrial Doctorate
  • Advocating lines of investigation
  • Organizing congresses and workshops
  • Application and joint participation in research and development of patents.

c) Technology discovery and diffusion:

  • Production of Publications
  • Promotion of seminars and conference circuits to publicize and promote technical-scientific events
  • Dissemination of actions taken through our communication channels
Bellapart Scholarship

Bellapart, will grant a full scholarship to a student of the mechanics of materials and strucutres (MMS) Master of Science with the chair. This scholarship will allow the student to complete their master thesis on a topic proposed by Bellapart, at Bellapart’s headquarters.

Webinar Informative Session: July 14th at 4pm. join us

Who is this Chair for?

Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) Master of Science students of the University of Girona who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the light, glass structures of which Bellapart are internationally renowned.

When is the Chair Available?

From September 2020

Application requirements and process for the Bellapart 2020 Scholarship:

The candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Pre-registered in the master MMS
  • Excellent academic record

The following items will be considered:

  • Professional experience
  • Extra-curricular interest and experience
  • Documented fluency in multiple languages

The grant will be subjected to the following compromises:

  • Undertake the master thesis in one of the topics proposed by Bellapart, at Bellapart’s Headquarters.

Send the following application documentation to grant

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official academic record
  • Motivation letter
  • 2 references

Pre-selected candidates will be interviewed by Bellapart.

Application deadline: 31/07/2020*

Grant Award: 14/08/2020*

* The deadline could be extended




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