European Basketball City, Badalona

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During the month of September, Bellapart, SAU finished the assembly of the most unique element of the "European Basketball City of Badalona", symbolized by a basketball.

The assembly of the structural part, which rises 25 meters tall with a diameter of 32 meters, composed of 816 bars and 284 nodes in S355 lacquered steel bolted with a controlled tightening torque wrench, was constructed in two parts: The first, approximately 20 meters tall, was assembled in its definitive position above the building's concrete floor structure. The second, the upper cap, approximately 5.5 meters tall and 25 meters in diameter. Given the difficulty of performing the assembly under optimal conditions at its final position at 20m above ground, it was assembled at ground level beside the main structure. Finally, once all of the work of placing panels and vents was finished, the structure weighted 18.5 tons and the two parts were assembled using a 500 ton autopropelled crane. The building's exterior lining is composed of 442 triangular GFRP panels and 97 triangular plates of glass with an average surface of approximately 5 square meters.