Bellapart and UdG develop an innovative seismic dissipator

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Bellapart has formed a partnership agreement with the University of Girona to collectively develop a new concept of elastoplastic energy dissipator that will protect the structure of buildings and infrastructures in the event of a severe earthquake, reducing the resulting economic losses.

The current approach of seismic design aims to protect human life but considers structural damage as acceptable. The inclusion of energy dissipators in structures, particularly buckling restrained bracing (BRB) attempts to avoid this damage, resulting in a fully functional structure after the earthquake. The new concept of energy dissipator proposed in this project resolves many of the problems of current BRB designs, such as their high weight and cost. This is done by means of a modular design which is easy to manufacture and install on site. In addition, tools will be developed for the easy incorporation of the new energy dissipator into structural engineering computer models. This collaboration between the University of Girona and Bellapart will combine the University's extensive knowledge of seismic design with Bellapart's breadth of experience in design, analysis, manufacturing and on-site installation, with the aim of developing an innovative product that will contribute to a safer built environment.

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