New Glazed Footbridge - Luxembourg City Hall

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The lightweight steel structure cantilevers is supported on one side only to avoid any impact to the historic City Hall.  This is achieved by a 23.5m cantilever, supported by two cables.  The bridge is entirely independent of the historic building.  Alongside the bridge, Bellapart has also built a luxury wedding hall, the main entrance for the new building and a reception desk that won't pass unnoticed.

The cladding for the footbridge and the adjacent structures are screen printed insulated glass units.  The internal ceiling is wood panelled and the underside of the bridge and wedding hall are clad in stainless steel composite panels.

In the building annex to the City Hall, Bellapart have also designed and constructed two large skylights providing illumination to four floors.  Their modern design provides a positive contrast to the historic renovated building and is hung from the roof to minimise structural sizes.