Soulages Museum

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On 30th of May the Soulages Museum was inagurated in Rodez. Located in the middle of the Forail Park, the Museum is dedicated to the work of the painter Jean Pierre Soulages, representative of “tachisme”, a movement that arose in France after the Second World War.

Bellapart have developed the final design with the very known firm of architects RCR Architects and, manufactured and built the architectural vision that the architects wanted to shape. Our flexibility has allowed us to carry out with the customer needs and all the adjustments to the components in our facilities.

The exterior façade is a ventilated façade organized by prisms glued into a perpendicular socket, giving the impression that they leave from the ground, using the slope of the land.

The rectangular volumes are clad with “corten” steel panels of 6mm modulated 1,8m and special size, reaching up to 14m in length. All exterior covers more than 450Tn. Each panel is unique and consists of a single sheet, increasing the complexity of the implementation.

Regarding the socket, the north façade consists of a high performance insulating glass over 4m high and “brises soleil” made of corten steel while the south side is run by a 10mm thick slats, always ensuring the 1.8m modules.

The interior façade is covered by crude steel panels of 6mm with a varnished layer, giving the feeling of constant change.This project, where each pieces has a unique and exclusive design, has also more than 15 exterior doors hidden in the exterior façade, thus achieving a complete integration to the prisms.

The whole project involved the 3D optimization of the form, the structural design of the elements, prototyping and refining details, fabrication and site installation. The complexity of the assembling movements of panels over more than 14m and only 6mm thick has been challenging for Bellapart, which after more than two years of word has achieved to shape the famous museum.