Foundation Rafael del Pino

Madrid (Spanien) - 2008

Ventilated double skin facade.Five-story building plus a loft that measure 490m2 per floor with a load-bearing structure located on the exterior surface of the building to achieve floors without any interfering structural element. The ground floor loft forms the auditorium; the first to fourth floors are well-lit and house offices, and the top floor could be considered a roofed facility. The typology of the facade is ventilated double skin, which contains two main parts, the inner and the outer skin. The inner skin is formed by a tubular substructure in galvanized steel on its upper side and by an aluminum framework on its bottom side forming a continuous subframe, parallel to the facades, which allows for the fastening of the glass 10mm topology Sun-Guard HS-62, 19mm air space and laminar 55.1.

To avoid distortion due to the height and slope of this glass, vertical reinforcements have been hung between joints, with a 5mm thick stainless topping. The in-between skin, constructed with modular substructures in galvanized steel formed by tubes, “u”s and gussets, is the main element used to support the glass and the exterior skin. On the interior of this substructure you can find an element for correct ventilation of the double skin and avoids the entrance of water – this is formed by some aluminum boxes, completely soldered, with screwed panels that contain, on the upper and lower parts, ventilation grilles.

All of the modules were screwed into the slab by way of galvanized steel plates and expansive anchors; this substructure creates a peripheral balcony that allows space to be gained on the floor and for the formation of a footbridge formed by tubular grey lacquered steel grilles. The upper coverings that are contained between the two skins, like the connection between the inner skin, or slab, and the ceiling between the interior and exterior skins, are formed by grilles of dark grey aluminum tubes.

The exterior skin is formed by extra clear glass in 10+10 millimeters, with more than 350 different forms, to adapt themselves to the cantilevers, which connect the exterior pillar to the interior slab and hold up the building, and with about 250 rectangular glass sheets that measure about 3000x1650 millimeters, all mounted from the inside of the building; the lower/upper part of this glass is held up by lacquered aluminum “u”s that are 3mm thick and reinforced, between vertical joints and a height of approximately 700 millimeters, with 15mm steel gussets and a stainless patch-fitting support piece that we custom manufactured for this project. The ground floor contains the auditorium and, in order to achieve a greater sensation of space, a slab was necessary; therefore, having a double height the solution was to create a footbridge hung from stainless rods and making it look the same as the exterior aesthetic of the other floors.


  • KundeFundación Rafael del Pino
  • Architekt Rafael de la Hoz
  • Project Manager Ferrovial
  • Kategorie Fassaden und Gebäudehüllen


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