Zurich building

Madrid (Spanien) - 2017

Zurich Building, is located close to Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, Spain. It has been designed by Rafael de La-Hoz.

This seven-story building has been completely renovated and only kept the main metal structure. Bellapart has built the external lining, the façade and walls. The double-glazed and stainless steel ventilated façade, which was developed and built by Bellapart is formed by a unique structure with an interior curtain wall built with ULTRACLEAR (low iron) solar protection glass and aluminum frame, and an exterior façade made up of ULTRACLEAR curved glass modules and stainless steel microperforated curved sheet modules with shining polished finishing.

The interior and exterior curtain wall structure is fixed to the main building structure with steelwork clamping systems, eliminating the requirement to drill or weld steel.

  • KundeZurich Seguros
  • Architekt Rafael de la Hoz
  • Project Manager PBS
  • Kategorie Fassaden und Gebäudehüllen
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