Ciudad Grupo Santander, entrance canopy

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spanien) - 2004

Construction of three canopies with access to the Ciudad Financiera del Banco Santander in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The canopy structure was resolved using a reticular semi-octahedric space frame, simple curvature and variable edge, formed by circular tubular steel bars and spheric nodes of the same material.

The meshes are supported by the coronation of 8 circular section cement pillars, distributed into two rows of four pillars each. The structure is covered with a skin that is formed by laminated 6+6 glass sheets, with the upper component tempered and screen-printed and the underneath component thermoset, point-fixed in four places using GLUEpart ball-and-socket joints, structural adhesive, and PUNTpart stainless steel spiders. The wings that are parallel to the road end with a satin-finished stainless steel topping frame.

  • KundeBanco Santander
  • Architekt Kevin Roche
  • Kategorie Structural Glazing


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