Design & Engineering

Bellapart employ a large team of qualified and skilled engineers and designers, all of whom who are highly motivated and drive on developing solutions for challenging projects and to convert conceptual ideas into reality. Bellapart has in-house access to top of the range testing, small scale laboratory and fabrication facilities to create customized solutions for each project.

Bellapart typically produce prototypes for visual inspection, to explore buildability and for testing purposes and we recommend prototype work to all our clients in order to develop solutions that meet the requirements and are fully researched.

Design & Build

Bellapart understand the importance of visualizing the production and installation particularly with regard to ambitious and innovative projects.

Bellapart has over 75 years experience and have established expertise in a variety of structures and the installation of same. We are continually developing innovative construction techniques and enjoy developing solutions that meet the challenges which we identify in the process of designing our projects.


Steel & Glass Structures

Bellapart offer a unique approach to the design and construction of glass and steel structures. Based and supported by our vast experience in fabricating and assembly of glass and steel components, Bellapart has the expertise and capacity to build structures of any complexity, in any shape or form. We offer high quality results from start to finish.

Structural Glazing

Over the past 25 years, Bellapart has accumulated wide experience and knowledge of glass as a structural material and are now a world leader in this field. Constructing with glass typically requires rigorous structural analysis and expert knowledge of glass and these are the basic conditions for Bellapart to achieve ambitious design solutions and structures of maximum transparency, slenderness and elegance.

Thanks to our experience in this field and the use of advanced simulation tools, we are capable of modelling viscoelastic materials and designing robust glass structures.

Facades & Building Envelopes

Due to the wide ranging project portfolio Bellapart are able to consider and understand increasingly important factors such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Glass Bridges & Stairs

Bellapart has experience in the design and manufacture of pedestrian bridges of various geometries and structures. Based on our experience and expertise in structural design Bellapart are able to design a diversity of pedestrian bridges such as suspension, cable-stayed or truss supported.


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