Iberdrola Tower, Bilbao

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Núria Guitart, Industrial Engineer of Strain, made a speech at IASS 2009 in Valencia about the entrance lobby of Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao project designed by Pelli Clake Pelli Architects.

This project is under design and construction by Bellapart. Firstly, she spoke about the principal elements of the tower’s hall: the metallic structure of the roof, the glass fin enhanced with steel wings that bear the façade and the cold bent insulating glass unit. The two structural systems, proposed for the fin composed of glass and 15m of steel, were described and compared. Afterwards, she described the tests and the challenges of manufacturing the adopted design solution. Fiinally, the speech was focused on the cold bent insulating glass unit that make possible the variable curve of the façade, and the finite elements verifications and tests.