3-11 Memorial Monolith

Madrid (Spain) - 2007

An all-glass monument formed by a cylindrical wall of borosilicate glass with an irregular base of 9 m in diameter and 11 m in height and a flat roof formed by glass closure panels and beams of extra-clear borosilicate laminated, tempered glass of up to 8 metres in length. The wall comprises 15,100 solid blocks of extra clear borosilicate glass with a total weight of 130 tonnes which are attached with a semi-transparent acrylic adhesive cured by ultraviolet radiation.

The construction of the wall has been undertaken by a group of 22 workers who manually placed each one of the blocks in day and night shifts. The special characteristics of the adhesive made it necessary to work in a darkened tent, with a controlled temperature and humidity, protected from solar radiation and the outdoor environment.

  • ClientAyuntamiento de Madrid
  • Architect FAM estudio de arquitectura
  • Engineer Schlaich Bergermann und Partner
  • Project Manager Dragados
  • Category All glass


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