Free Minds Building

Les Preses, Girona (Spain) - 2012

The Free Minds Building has been designed to consolidate the various workshops and offices that the Bellapart group have occupied in recent years. It is a common place for a shared philosophy, that of investigation, innovation and quality.

These are values that have provided us the energy to move forward uninterrupted during the last 75 years of the company. The new headquarters of the Bellapart group is simple yet bright where wellbeing and efficiency come together in natural harmony.

The continuity of the business plan is an essential objective for us. As in all of life, there have been great moments over the years of our business experience, and indeed some not so great. However, it is continuity that has always provided us with a huge incentive and has led to the most fertile ideas and the best results.

  • ClientBellapart, s.a.u.
  • Architect Francesc Arbós
  • Engineer Strain Engineering, s.l.
  • Category Facades & Building Envelopes
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