CosmoCaixa Madrid

Madrid (Spain) - 1999

Membrane spatial roof structure in geodesic geometry obtained by projecting an icosahedron over a sphere with 7 frequency joined with a vaulted roof along a variable section curved directrix. The vaulted roof mesh was designed on a computer program, which allowed for unification of the dimensions of the lateral triangles and compensated for the reduction in size on the upper end.

The structure is composed of 840 nodes, 2.344 beams and the enclosure of 1535 stainless steel triangles in the outer skin. Inuslation and waterproofness are achieved on the level of the intermediary second skin with a sandwich panel in polyurethane steel and, on the interior finishes, with triangular plaster panels with a fibre glass core. If we were to add up the three skins that make up the work, 3,300 different deferent triangle references were used.

  • Architect Esteve i Robert Terradas
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures


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