Iberdrola Tower

Bilbao (Spain) - 2011

The Iberdrola Tower, located in the center of Bilbao, rises to a height of 165 meters in the form of an elongated triangle. It has an enormous lobby surrounded on all sides by a glass pavilion developed by Bellapart. The structural support of the lobby facade is composed of vertical glass wings 15m tall and 0.5 meters deep, spaced at a distance of 1 meter along the wall of the facade.

At the top there is a 5 meter-long cantilever above the roof line. These elements were designed and developed in collaboration with the architect. The exploration of structural solutions combine the use of two types of materials: glass and steel.

  • ClientIberdrola
  • Architect Cesar Pelli
  • Project Manager Buro Happold
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures
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