Library Skylights of the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía

Madrid (Spain) - 2005

Under the direction of the architect Alberto Medem, from the architectural group Jean Nouvel + B720, Bellapart, SAU structurally developed these cylindrical geometry sheets that result from the intersection of a cylinder of 53.3 meter radius with an elliptical section cylinder, inscribed in a rectangle that measures 23.4m x 11m .
The main challenge consisted of developing a steel structural mesh that would be light enough and made by modular construction, suspended by way of two metallic central main beams and high resistance stainless steel struts, support more than 15 tunnels of adapted glass cubes. With this purpose, in the workshop we constructed 89 modules of 30 different typologies that fit perfectly, offering the desired cylindrical geometry for the central/main lens and 32 modules in 6 typologies for the lateral lenses.
The elements of glass, adapted at the La Granja de Saint Gobain factory in Segovia, were manufactured specially for this project and 4280 parts of 190x190x200mm were installed.
  • ClientMuseo Nacional Reina Sofía
  • Architect Jean Nouvel - B720 Arquitectos
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures


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