Quadrant 4

London (United Kingdom) - 2018

Quadrant 4 is a building located in the centre of London, just adjacent to Piccadilly Circus, and is used for offices and homes, where a comprehensive reformation has been carried out only leaving the façades intact as they have a high historical value.

The construction, carried out by Bellapart, was based on providing coverage and light, with minimal visual effect, in the building’s inner courtyard. For this reason, an element with only five 500 mm structural PRS edge beams has been constructed, all of them coated with polished composite panels, and the final closure was carried out using twelve 6x2.3 m panes.

Inside the building, the end result is a feeling of space and opening up to the outside.

The architect’s fundamental idea was that, despite having large and long beams, it needed to be a visually light element that would go unnoticed.

The construction of the skylight was performed using seven 500x80 mm PRS beams and twelve 6x2.3 m glass panels. Both the central structural part, in the form of a beam, and the perimeter, have been covered on the inner part with more than 80 polished composite panels that cover a total of 132 m2.

On the roof of the building and on the outside, the volume of the skylight can be observed, coated with more than 150 zinc plates totalling 80 m2.

  • ClientThe Crown Estate
  • Architect AHMM - Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
  • Main Contractor Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Category Steel & Glass Structures


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