Wurth La Rioja Museum

Agoncillo, La Rioja (Spain) - 2007

Construction of the facades and the roof of the Contemporary Würth Museum in Agoncillo, Spain. Both the southern and the northern facades are inclined and composed of tubular pillars on an axis with 2400mm UVA-type glass, screen-printed in the same way as the roof, supported by way of type-WT stainless steel AISI-316 satin-finished PUNTpart spiders.

With the facades, the glass is point-fixed with PUNTpart ball-and-socket joints. Overhead glazing in the facades assures post-breakage stability within the glass, while on the roof we opted for a point-fixed adhesive structural solution using GLUEpart ball-and-socket joints that would allow for the glass panels to be fixed at 4 points avoiding the need to drill through the glass, reducing the concentration of stress respect to other solutions.

  • ClientWurth
  • Architect Enric Henry - Ingeniería Torrella
  • Engineer Ingeniería Torrella
  • Category Structural Glazing


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