La Coupole des Halles

Nimes (France) - 2018

“La Coupole des Halles” is a shopping mall located in the centre of city of Nîmes. Its initial design was commissioned from the architects, François Fontes and Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

The renovation programme, which began in 2016, included the addition of two glass boxes on the opposing ends of the complex. On the Avenue du Général Perrier side, Bellapart added a glass extension made up of a metal structure and a 14-metre high External Structural Glazed (VEA in its French initials) wall; and on the Boulevard Gambetta side, under an identically reproduced eave, a self-supporting, glass double door, 5 metres in height.

The project is being developed in a very busy area and in a seismic zone, and use laminated glass containing an intermediate Sentryglas Plus layer.

  • Architect Cazenove Architectes & Associes
  • Category Structural Glazing


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