Beyond Engineering

We transform the world to make the human impact more beautiful, sustainable and safe. With a team of Ph.Ds and a dedicated R&D department we research new technologies, products and cutting edge manufacturing processes. Through design and analysis we have rolled out uncountable industry 4.0 practices, digitalisation and automation. A devoted team of architects and engineers bring your dreams and wild creations into a constructible reality. Constantly pushing the scientific boundaries. Our top of the field workshop manufactures in all materials and with innovative techniques. Finally, if you require it, we have an installation team ready to travel across the world and build for you the whole project.


At Bellapart, we have been permanently aligned with innovation and continuous improvement. Even since our very early days, more than 80 years ago, change and adaptation have been our distinctive trade. Adaptation to all the new technological challenges has marked our evolution and growth as a company.

We promote research as a fundamental tool for achieving innovative, cutting-edge and disruptive solutions. Accordingly, the consolidation of Bellapart's R&D Department strengthens our position as a technology development company.

Thus, in-house Research allows us to improve efficiency, be more competitive, incorporate new talent into the company, not depend on third parties for new developments and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Even in times of crisis and uncertainty, we have continued to invest in the development of our facilities and processes in order internal improvements to be prepared for the new market needs as well as to consolidate and apply our vision of the future and materialise it into the present.


Innovative Scope

Laboratory & Testing

At Bellapart, innovation is one foundation pillars. Consequently, research and development play a key role. Accordingly, we have a state-of-the-art-laboratory which rends us able to provide the most disruptive solutions for our buildings.


Immersing you in your design so you can live it, touch it and feel it, way before its final completion. You can see what is coming beforehand. Allowing for changes when they are still possible without affecting the project process.

Detail Engineering Design & Fabrication

Dedicated and diverse, passionate, and highly professional team. With multiple expertise, cutting edge software and technology.

Installation & Global Preservation Services

Beyond the opening day. Your Building life only starts on the opening day. At Bellapart we understand that, and in our search for sustainability, we have a maintenance and preservation team that will take care of your project so that it looks like the first day throughout its life.
We are capable of designing and building any imaginable structure.
Bellapart. Building Beyond Standards since 1939

Bellapart’s Chair at UdG

Bellapart Chair of Lightweight Structures and Glass

The terms "lightness" and "glass" are notable areas in the Chair, which wants to go beyond structural calculation.

As part of the chair activities Bellapart, also grants a full scholarship to an outstanding student to enrol on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) Master of Science in UdG. This scholarship will allow the student to complete its master thesis on a topic proposed by Bellapart, in an internship programme at Bellapart’s headquarters. Working side by side with our team, The Bellapart Grant is a unique opportunity for students to apply all the academic knowledge learnt during the Master to in a real life work situation. Thus, being able to perform their project at a company level.


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Business Development Director
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Business Development Director UK