We want to be part of your project

An exciting path lies ahead for all stakeholders when new ideas are ready to be materialised. 

Through our more than 80 years of business activity we have learned to listen to every partner's needs in order to deliver the added value sought by every partner for every project.

Thus, our diverse and multi-disciplinary team has developed a culture of Loyalty and Collaboration with all our partners, clients, suppliers and, through years, colleagues. 

On top of that, we are honoured and grateful to work on amazing projects side-by-side with renowned and talented professionals on board. You make us better by sharing with us your ambitions and challenges. And your trust in us to develop innovative solutions is what keeps us alive. 

No matter in what stage your project is, at Bellapart we can start offering our point of view, based on our technical know-how and proven expertise, from day one and on every step of the project’s life.

Devoted to preserve the magic of your investment across the years
Passionate about bringing your designs and creativity into a tangible reality
Experts in giving the final design touch on all details making them ready for production and installation
Trustworthy, understanding the site nature, we can bring all complex projects to completion
Your solution starts here!
Contact our team of professionals and tell us about your ambitions and challenges. We will find a way to help you find the best solution.
Paula Arbós
Business Development Director
Christoph Egle
Business Development Director UK