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Why we want to be your partner

Feel secure, reassured, we take care of the path that brings a project from engineering into a construction solution. With a shared vision of engineering design, we work side by side with consultant engineers: analysing all the details and guaranteeing the manufacturability and install-ability of each project. 

 All Glass Structures, Bespoke and Complex designs, Façades, Lightweight Structures, Safe Glass Doors, Dynamic Structures… We pride ourselves with outstanding knowledge and beyond standard expertise while performing the most complex projects worldwide. 

For this reason, we are going beyond an individual project, you can rely on us for long term relationships. Bellapart is your partner.

Our added value for engineers

Beyond Statu Quo

We do not take the current state as a limit. We offer the development of new technologies and designs to make each unique project constructible. You can count on our dedicated in-house R&D team for the latest constructible solution advancements. 

Beyond Drawings

The possibility of our In-house design and manufacturing of life-size prototypes, alongside with our testing facilities, will bring you the opportunity to see what we have designed side by side and how it is behaving before the beginning of the manufacturing process.

Outstanding Service

You can rely on us, we are understanding, adaptable and experienced. We walk alongside with you all the steps of the way until we both achieve the desired result.  

Laboratory & Testing

Tests | Atex | Avis techniques | Beyond Norms


Immersing you in your design so you can live it, touch it and feel it, way before its final completion. You can see what is coming beforehand. Allowing for changes when they are still possible without affecting the project process.

Detail Engineering Design & Fabrication

Dedicated and diverse passionate highly professional team. With multiple expertise, cutting edge software and technology

Installation & Global Preservation Services

Beyond the opening day, building life only starts on the opening day. At Bellapart we understand that, and in our search for sustainability, we have a maintenance and preservation team that will take care of your project so that it looks like the first day throughout its life.

Our Partners

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