Aga Khan Centre

Sculptural skylight

The Aga Khan Centre is a place of education, knowledge, cultural exchange and insight into Muslim civilisations. This building is designed to represent the values of openness, dialogue and respect for different viewpoints.

The Project

Type of structure
Glass Roof
Date completed
Scope of Work
  • Construction Design
  • Engineering & Multiphysics Analysis
  • Prototype & Testing
  • Topographical Survey
  • Shop Drawing & CAM Programming
  • Fabrication
  • Logistics
  • Installation & Site Safety
  • Quality Control

    The Team

    Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)
    Maki and Associates & Allies and Morrison
    Engineering Consultant
    Main Contractor
    BAM Construct UK Limited

    Design by Fumihiko Maki, the form of the Aga Khan Centre building has a sculptural quality, partly achieved by a white glass window pattern. Bellapart treated some of the glass used in this project with 47% white ceramic frit to give texture to the entering light.

    The rooftop solution provided by Bellapart at the top of the atrium brings light into the building. Is composed by rectangular modules divided into triangular glass planes with different inclinations. It adds character and luminosity, maintaining a sense of craftsmanship using the latest technology. Especially, illuminating Rasheed Araeen’s artwork; ‘Rhapsody in Four Colours’ which reinterprets classical Islamic geometric forms into a three-dimensional sculpture that rises nine-storeys high.


    Aga Khan Center
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