Building Beyond Standards

We bring your "out of the box" project into a tangible reality.

Do you have an iconic project, a cutting-edge design or require an outstanding finish and quality beyond any standard? We are here for you. We provide customised services that walk you through the whole process, from your concept idea to a constructible solution.

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What is Building Beyond Standards?

Building Beyond Standards means to go beyond norms, depart from any pre-established idea and excel in finding solutions. In other words, a way to transform creativity into reality through extensive analysis, engineering calculations, fabrication techniques and a tested installation process. 

Above all, we are fortunate in adding value to those buildings and constructions that are highly valuable themselves. Furthermore, we know that, when you are looking for excellence, you need to surround yourself with the right partner. 

At Bellapart we are fully committed with any project we work for. Therefore, thanks to our compromise and expertise, we have been working on the most amazing projects in architecture.

How do we work on Building Beyond Standards?

Those buildings need special care. Because of their history, architectural beauty or technical qualities requirements, exhaustive work is required to maintain their top quality.

At Bellapart, we analyse the needs of each building and immerse ourselves in all aspects of these projects. Besides, we study your technical and design specifications and present the most efficient and least invasive solution. 

Building Beyond Standards comes from our will to bring to reality cutting-edge concept designs from talented architects and designers, with whom we work side by side. 

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Business Development Director
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Business Development Director UK