Global Preservation Services

Global Preservation Service to keep your building façade like the opening day

The Global Preservation Service allows our customers to keep their entrances, doors, stairs, façades… in top conditions over the years. We offer customised preservation plans which include all necessary actions to maintain your building in the same conditions as the opening day.

What is Global Preservation Service?

Global Preservation Service is a line of consultancy services dedicated to take care, programme and implement Preservation, Restoration and Maintenance plans for both new and historical buildings. At Bellapart we take special care in preserving both our projects as well as the ones form third parties, with the aim of guaranteeing a sustainable architecture and construction as well as to maximise our care for all your outstanding buildings.

We have a highly professional team that will visit the site on a pre-agreed regular basis and perform a set of checks to be able to prevent any malfunction beforehand and maintain all wear and tear.   

Moreover, we perform emergency mobilisations when needed, for both corporate buildings and private residences.

How do we work on Global Preservation Service?

Our Global Preservation Service is available for an array of different projects and different needs. We diagnose and propose a Care Plan according to your project and your needs. We are constantly innovating; thus, being able to offer a long and growing list of services. Below a list of our main areas of expertise:

  • Architectural Glass Elements
  • Curtain Wall
  • Doors: Automatic, Assisted, Manual
  • Façades
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Glass Buildings
  • Glass Roof: Dome, Skylight, Canopy
  • Glass Stairs
  • Windows: Automatic, Assisted, Manual

We provide assistance in the design and manufacture of specific machinery according to the needs of each intervention.


Preservation Plan

The team is able to provide you an all-rounded preservation plan on all glass and structural elements as well as motorised openings whether be it interior or exterior. Centralising your operations and making it easy and worry free.


Accidents & Emergencies

Our Global Preservation Team also has an emergency service that offers you the possibility of stocking replacements and performing emergency interventions within 24h to 72h depending on the contract and location. These services are aimed at restoring elements which have a critical use; offering intermediate solutions so that your daily activity in the building is not altered during the restoration.

At Bellapart, we have been permanently aligned with innovation and continuous improvement. Even since our very early days, more than 80 years ago, change and adaptation have been our distinctive trade. Adaptation to all the new technological challenges has marked our evolution and growth as a company. 

We promote research as a fundamental tool for achieving innovative, cutting-edge and disruptive solutions. Consequently,  the consolidation of Bellapart's R&D Department strengthens our position as a technology development company.

Thus, in-house Research allows us to improve efficiency, be more competitive, incorporate new talent into the company, not depend on third parties for new developments and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Even in times of crisis and uncertainty, we have continued to invest in the development of our facilities and processes in order internal improvements to be prepared for the new market needs as well as to consolidate and apply our vision of the future and materialise it into the present.


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