Ground Floor Solutions

Impress your customers, bring your Ground Floors to the next level. Live a unique experience through beautiful sustainable and safe entrances

Do you believe in first impressions? The entrance doors, the shop windows, the lobby, the halls, the staircases... are the first elements that communicate the values of your company and your brand. 

At Bellapart we know how important ground floors are, they are your signature. We provide all the elements that will make your customers' first impression unforgettable while being true to your design. From giant glass doors to steel and glass helicoidal stairs, we are specialists in making you shine

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What are Ground Floor Solutions?

Bellapart specialises in highly complex engineering solutions, amongst them we have released a new line of highly secure yet beautiful and transparent ground floors solutions. This line includes entry halls, glass façades, secure doors and window displays aimed at Retail customers and Corporate institutions who seek to maintain their architectural identity and aesthetic line while looking for secure solutions that protect their stores against intrusion, bomb blasts or gunfire. Our portfolio also includes elements such as fixed glass panels, glass doors and windows, canopies and stairs; all of which certified against intrusion, bomb blast, ballistics and anti-fire rated by EU, UK and US standards.

How do we work on Ground Floor Solution?

Listening to your needs, your worries and ambitions. Analysing the whole project in order to offer concrete solutions that fit globally. Keeping in mind that distinctive elements can make the difference between a standard building and a first-rate construction.

With a proven international track record and all required EU, UK and US certifications Bellapart also offers Maintenance and Preservation plans and services for all its projects as well as for third parties. In addition, we also offer an emergency response and stocking service for pre-established critical items.

Ground Floors in Brief:

  • Customised design and accessories to fit the client’s needs
  • Canopies, Doors, Stairs, Balustrades, Façade windows and fixed glass panels
  • Doors and Glass panels dimensions up to 10m high by 4m wide
  • Automatic, Assisted and Manual doors and windows
  • Swing, Sliding and Pivoting Doors
  • All required Security Systems certificates (Bomb Blast, Intrusion, Gun Fire, Seismic and Fire Proof)
  • Preservation and Maintenance Plans
  • Emergency and Stocking Service
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